June 7, 2020

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Paul Loggan passed away due to Covid-19 on April 12, 2020. The Loggan Family has started the Paul Loggan Foundation to support student athletes at North Central who need additional support covering athletic fees, and also ensuring Paul's legacy continues to live on. Paul spent 33 years being North Central's biggest fan. Here are messages from some of his biggest fans.



Paul Loggan was a pillar in the Indianapolis community. He taught, coached, served as an assistant athletic director and athletic director for 33 years at North Central High School.
Paul loved his job but more than his job he loved his student athletes. Nothing made him happier than to watch his Panthers compete. He always believed in his student athletes both on and off the field. He was fortunate enough to have 14 different players compete in bowl games, four players in the NFL and two Super Bowl winners in Derrick Mayes and Courtney Roby.
He served as the game director for the Indiana North South All Star football game for the past 30 years. Paul was heavily involved with the Indiana Interscholastic Athletic Directors Association and the Indiana Football Coaches Association. He was inducted into the University of Indianapolis Hall of Fame in 2012 where he played football from 1981-1985 where he was an All American.
Paul’s love for sports oozed enthusiasm in everyone he touched. There was nothing Paul wanted more than to see not only North Central student athletes but all student athletes in and around Marion County succeed.
Paul passed away April 12, 2020 due to covid 19. He will be greatly missed.



Mr. Loggan was one of the kindest people I have ever met in my entire life. I remember as a freshman I came to North Central having no friends as I came from a small private school. After our first practice he could tell I was kind of an outsider and he went out his way to introduce me to the team and help me feel welcome. These little things Mr. Loggan would do were just amazing. Anytime I saw him in the hallways or anywhere else he would always makes sure to say hi and ask me how my day was. He was such a compassionate and understanding person and no words can ever do justice to the great, loving man that he was. Thank you for everything Mr. Loggan.



Every time I had the privilege of being around Mr. Loggan, it was a glimpse into what it means to be a leader. A leader in the community, a leader for his family, and a leader for the athletes he worked so hard for so that they could accomplish their dreams. My senior year at North Central was special and filled with many interactions with Mr. Loggan. I was an assistant in the athletic department, sitting just about 15 feet from him every 9th period. No matter the crazy circumstances he faced each day as an athletic director at a school with nearly 4000 kids, he always put the Panthers first. It was there where I got to see the day to day Paul Loggan and his unending love for North Central athletics.

One story I will always remember about Mr. Loggan was during my senior year. After winning the Marion county tournament we had a doubleheader scheduled the very next morning at 10 am. We were exhausted, I had just thrown about 120 pitches, and the field was under puddles from rain the night before. No one on our team really wanted to play that day. But guess who was the first person on the field that morning making sure the field would be ready? Mr. Loggan was there. Raking the fields, helping out, just so his panthers could play the sport they loved. And in the end, we see that is what he stood for his entire life. Fighting harder than maybe even some of us athletes, just to see us succeed. Rest in Peace to an Indianapolis Legend. 



Mr. Loggan was the first person of the NC Athletics family I met after transferring to NC. Only took 20 minutes in a room with him to know what representing the NC Panthers meant to him. He embodied the passion and care for one another that all NC athletes shared. I truly believe that type of group attitude started at the top with Mr Loggan and his team. He will be dearly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to meet him.



Mr. Loggan was always one of the first people to congratulate me or anyone on the soccer team on our achievements. He would find us in the hallway between classes, after school going to practice, or even as we were walking out of the locker room to play a game. He always found a way to make sure that we knew our efforts were appreciated.



Mr. Logan was always a great leader at north central. He was tough, but fair, and that made me grow as an athlete and a person. I remember the constant support he always gave me and my teammates, which I’m truly appreciative of. I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it wasn’t for him.



There are no words that can fully describe the type of role model that Paul Loggan was for the North Central community. Throughout my time at NC, Mr. Loggan would constantly go above and beyond to make sure that every one of his student-athletes reached their full potential. This was especially true for the tennis team as he understood how important our energetic cheering was to the close bond we had as teammates and to us performing our best on the court. He provided me with some of my most memorable moments of high school: whether that was packing the entire team into a small Fort Wayne Arby’s every year after winning semi-state or giving us a ring ceremony with rings that would’ve made you thought we won a Super Bowl. Every time I’ve come back to NC to watch my younger brother play tennis, he would always find me and ask about how I was doing and how college was going. This just speaks to how much Mr. Loggan truly cared about his students’ success in life beyond just athletics after leaving NC. Although he lost his life way too soon, I know he had already made an immeasurable impact on thousands of students like myself over the years, and we are all lucky to have known him. Thank you for everything, Mr. Loggan.



Paul Logan was not only extraordinary at his job, but an extraordinary person. Paul always made sure that he knew every single athlete that played for North Central and believed in each and every single one of us. I remember that Paul was committed to every single team and athlete and I can’t remember a North Central tennis match that he wasn’t at. He was a crucial part to every sports program and every student at North Central and he will be missed by us all.



Although I didn’t interact with Paul Logan on a daily basis during my time at North Central, his efforts toward North Central athletics allowed me to enjoy my high school experience to the fullest. My interactions with him while orchestrating the inaugural season of North Central Men’s Volleyball were tense as we struggled to negotiate gym time and allocation of resources. Although it bothered me at first, I eventually came to realize the difficulty of the request. He was directing the athletics of a school with 3,800 students, and catering to the needs of several different sports teams while only having two gyms to work with.

I can’t think of another AD that faces such difficulty. Despite the challenge, the volleyball program has thrived in recent years with his help as well as many other’s. My other interactions with Mr. Loggan were at tennis matches where he rooted for us and occasionally treated us to some post-match Arby’s. It was interactions like these that allowed me to see his cheerful side and his kindness. I thank Mr. Loggan for the opportunities he helped provide to me and other Panthers. He will not be forgotten. Shine on, Mr. Loggan.



I will be honest- wrote this the day after Paul Loggan died.  It has some raw emotion and it is how I still feel today.

Paul Loggan is and was NC athletics. Personally with him at the helm at NC we have been in the state finals for tennis each year. There were some good years and some great years, but the best part was that Paul always thought we were going to win it. By 2018 he always got a kick out of trying to predict my lineup. I will never forget the moment in his office when we both cried after I stepped down from coaching girls tennis and I wasn’t going to coach his only daughter to the end of her High school career. But Paul knew why, because his family was one thing more important than NC athletics. Paul was a good leader and an important mentor. Yet, we spent more time talking about our futures than we ever did sports. I want to make sure his family knows that, he wanted more than anything to ride into the sunset on your lake than anything else. His death will undoubtedly leave a big hole for the foreseeable future. Paul leaves a hole, a divide, that many of us will need to figure out how to fill. We miss you Mr. Loggan. Everything, we miss it. I thank God for putting you in my life.

Adding to this note, the referendum passed last week. The new "west gym" which is in reality the fieldhouse NC has needed for many years will be named in memory of Paul Loggan. I firmly believe the referendum passed because of his vision and enthusiasm for the project.



I wasn’t super close with him but we had a decent amount of interactions throughout soccer in high school. Probably my favorite memories of him are the years we won county back to back and he would present us with the trophy. You could just tell how much it meant to him and how happy he was for us. He just loved seeing all NC athletics win. He truly was the heart and soul of NC athletics.



There’s not really a way to put into words who Mr. Loggan was or what he meant to all of us. The passion for the North Central family that he exhibited made every panther feel valued and inspired. No matter what sport I was playing I knew Mr. Loggan has my back. I remember one specific time that I was conflicted on if I should play a sport in college or not and Mr. Loggan told me “you’re a competitor, it’s what you do.” Those short and simple words weighed heavy on my decision. My heart goes out to the Loggan family. A legend was lost but his passion, leadership, selflessness and energy will never leave NC.



Mr. Loggan was always unbelievably supportive of all of his athletes. His words of encouragement and unwavering passion made me so proud to be an NC athlete, and made me proud to play for him. When I was his assistant in the athletic department, we had a lot of laughs and he gave me great advice for when I moved on to play collegiate soccer. He was truly a blessing to the NC community, and such a light. He was every single athletes biggest fan. He will be truly missed.



Mr. Loggan was a mentor and a friend to me when I was at North Central. He would always support me on and off the court in any way possible he could. NC always had a fantastic environment at our home courts and Mr. Loggan helped create that amazing culture.



My junior year after losing a heartbreaking 3-2 to match to Carmel in the state finals and playing my final match with some of my closest brothers, I was distraught. I walked off the court to go try to gather my myself in the locker room and the first person there to comfort me was no other than Mr. Loggan. He gave me one of his infamous bear hugs and told me I should be extremely proud of what we did and that next year would be our year. Mr Loggan cared so much for his athletes and was the proudest panther I have ever met.



I have known Paul and the Loggan family for as long as I can remember. I would tag along to my brother Adam’s North Central travel and Indiana Elite basketball games every summer all around the country from Minnesota to Vegas, and the Loggans were always there watching Michael. This was long before I knew I would be going to North Central, yet I could tell that Paul had an unrivaled passion for not just his family but for everything he cared about.

Fast forward to my years as a North Central Panther where I played 4 years on the tennis team. Many schools’ athletic directors focus 80% of their time and focus on the more popular sports like basketball and football, but Paul had equal passion for every single Panther team. I could have sworn he was at every single tennis match we had, and I’m sure athletes from other sports would say the same. I honestly don’t understand how it was possible for him to be so many places at one time. The only explanation is that he could teleport.

Throughout my 4 years Paul was as helpful as can be. He did all of the work behind the scenes to make our success possible while bringing a contagious aura of energy wherever he went. My favorite memory of Paul and one that I surely will never forget was when we won our second straight state title my junior year, which was Paul’s first year as athletic director. As we were celebrating victory, Paul came up to myself, JT Wynne, and Coach Dan Brunette as pumped up as i’ve ever seen and said “You guys thought last years rings were big? Wait till you see the size of those fuckers this year!” I’m not sure how I could have possibly been more pumped up, but I sure as hell was.

Stories like that are why anyone who has a connection to NC or to Indiana athletics is so sad about losing him. Nobody can ever match his devotion to high school athletics and none of us would be where we are today without his impact.



During my time at North Central as a student athlete, I held the great privilege of interacting with Paul Loggan. Whether I saw Mr. Loggan by the tennis courts or in the hallways of our school, I got the impression that he was watching out for the next generation. I found Paul Loggan to be a strong yet apolitical voice that did his best to ensure that every person inside and outside of North Central sports programs could participate and grow.



Paul Loggan had the special ability to make an impact on anyone he talked to or anything he touched. Walking through the North Central hallways and running into Paul was always a blast because you could stand in the hall for 15 minutes with him chatting about anything. While conversing, the bell would ring and I would have to follow him back to his office for a pass. This would make my day because the conversations were never dull and I got to miss the beginning of class. The charisma Paul brought to his job everyday really made the students around him feel loved. I remember on the morning of our final State Championship run we had an early match for Semi-Finals. I arrived to the the tennis house extremely tired due to the fact we had a long grueling match at Carmel the night before and I can never sleep well the night before state finals. The first face I see when I walk into the tennis building is Paul Loggan. With a massive smile he greets me with, "MR.CLUTCH, Are you Ready?" With the amount of energy Paul radiated it seemed like he was the one about to go onto the court and I was the one watching from the side. Since I was so tired, I really did not think I was ready but being greeted with this energy I had no choice but to tell him "Of course I am" with confidence. However, I was not that confident but Paul was able to effect my energy and mentality as soon as I walked in the door. The charisma and energy that Paul brought to his job everyday is something that I want to be able to learn from for the rest of my life. He was able to impact my life and so many others just by being a positive and hard working person every time you saw. For Paul seeing the kids succeed was success for himself and this selflessness is one of the many reasons Paul Loggan should be a role model for everyone.



As a multi sport student-athlete at North Central High School, I had many encounters with the Athletic Director Paul Loggan. Whether it was supporting me from the sidelines of my soccer games, cheering me on at the basketball games, high-fiving me at a football game, awarding us with trophies and accolades, hugging us when we lost, talking to us in the training room while we got taped, and even standing there beside me on my signing day to see me off to do bigger and better things as an athlete, Paul Loggan was always there. Although I merely played a small part in Paul Loggan’s journey, he has been an integral part to many athlete’s, and non athlete’s alike, success all over the world and especially those that passed through North Central. It is our duty to make sure that his motivating, loving, magnetic, and charismatic leadership lives on. The life he lived acts as a reminder to the impact that he made on others and because of that he will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace Mr. Loggan.



Mr Loggan was more than an athletic director, he was a light in the NC halls. I’d be having such a rough day and as soon as I saw him, he’d give me a high five and a smile and my day instantly got that much better. His daughter, Sami, is one of my closest friends and I will never forget the summers spent at her house and at the tennis house because we’d always run into Paul while working there. He was one of those people you just never even think about losing because he was that great, and none of us knew how we would ever live without him. He’s truly missed.



Paul was the best Athletic Director a new coach could have, the type that was instantly your friend, and you could tell he loved what he did and NC.  He had my back from the very beginning and provided support when it was needed.  I respected him greatly and still almost text him from time to time when I have a question or need something.



Paul Loggan brought nothing but passion and drive to the athletic department of NC. Mr. Loggan would always be our number one cheerleader no matter what sport we played or what game it was. The baseball team could always count on the unconditional support of Mr. Loggan. Rest in Paradise, Paul.



Mr. Loggan was one of a kind and Patrick, Caroline, and Brian feel so thankful to have had the chance to grow a strong relationship with him during our 4 years at North Central. He grew to not only mean so much to our family but to the entire North Central Tennis Community. His spirit, energy, and enthusiasm for the sport of tennis fueled our determination to want to continue our athletic careers at collegiate levels along with many other players in the community. His presence only made all of the athletes at North Central feel important and special. He meant so much to all three of us and had such a large impact on our lives. We will miss him so dearly but know that his spirit will live on among the Washington Township Community and beyond. Mr. Loggan was an angel and the McAuley kids were blessed to have him in our lives.



Mr. Loggan was like another dad to me. He always had my back. When my dad was hospitalized during my senior tennis season he would come up to me everyday and ask how my family and I were doing and if we needed anything. He was very passionate about his job and wanted the best not only for myself but for every person on every athletic team. Thank you Mr. Loggan for being a proud member of North Central Mens Tennis and supporting us through everything. Thank you for the many pep talks, personal conversations, celebrations and most of all thank you for the impact you had not only had on my life but so many others. You will be missed greatly.



I knew Paul from my time at North Central where I was a part of the Tennis team. I was also lucky enough to shadow him as the Athletic Director when I was a freshman in college. It was evident to me through this experience that he genuinely cared for all current North Central students and also graduates. He was someone who wanted the best for everyone in his community, and was immensely supportive. The dedication and enthusiasm he displayed at his job was special to see.



We have always been impressed by the passion and the long hours that Paul brought to this job. His genuine care for all students, especially the athletes, was simply incredible. He has impacted so many people, including everyone in our family. We will forever remember this teddy bear of a man. We love you Paul.



I will never forget the impact Mr. Loggan left on every single student athlete that played at North Central. His selflessness and support for all Panthers will never go unnoticed. When I was a member of the tennis team at North Central, his overwhelming support for myself and every single player on the tennis team is something I will remember and cherish for my entire life. If every person strives to be like Mr. Loggan through the care and compassion he showed for everyone in the North Central community, this world would be a great place. He embodied what it truly meant to be a champion. He embodied what it truly meant to be a Panther.



At North Central I realized Paul Loggan loved his student athletes but it wasn’t until I left, I became closer with Mr Loggan. For a class at IUPUI I got to interview Mr Loggan and he couldn’t stop expressing the best part of his job was his student athletes, and seeing what they go on to do after they leave North Central. He had many opportunities to coach football in college but turned them down because he loved where he was at. Mr Loggan was a true mentor of mine and I was looking forward to seeing him at many North Central events to come in the future. Thank you, Mr Loggan, for always having me and my teams back. You'll be missed by many. RIP.



When you hear the name Paul Logan you automatically think NC athletics legend but most don’t really understand how much he really cared and impacted so many lives. He was never not there and he will always be there with every single athlete.



People will often ask me what the most pivotal and integral parts of my life are and my response is always the same. The first thing that comes to mind is the privilege of having been a part of the North Central Men's Tennis (NCMT) team from 2012-2015. These four fall seasons shaped, not only my athletic career of going on to compete for Marian University, but also my academic, professional, and relational future as well. What made this team truly one-of-a-kind was not the number of matches or state championships that we won, but rather was the bonded family relationship that this team held that gave me a taste of what community should truly feel like. Paul Loggan was part of this family. Many people may not know this about Paul but he was far more involved in the success that NCMT had than most give him credit for. He came to every home match that I can remember, often cheering on each individual player by name and was a constant well of support and we all felt blessed to have him in our corner. Especially when our adolescent delinquency should have gotten us in trouble, Paul always came to battle on our behalf even when we didn't deserve it. 
Paul was truly a good and selfless man to his core. He never sought after glory or credit but rather poured his life out for the athletes at North Central High School. I, as well as all those that knew Paul, mourn his passing but look back with nothing but gratitude for all that he has done.



Mr. Loggan was a caring , loving person who made sure each and every last one of his athletes had what they needed to be successful. He was Panther pride and made NC what it is today.